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Renesmee and Jacob 3
I had to give Dad credit.  I thought he would have told Mom what he knew or, at least, taken me aside and asked what was going on when we got to the school parking lot.  He didn't.  He didn't say anything in the car on the way to school, he didn't say anything while walking me to all my classes for the day, and he didn't say anything on the car ride home.  Mom, Uncle Jasper, Aunt Rosalie, and Aunt Alice kept staring at the both of us all day.  Uncle Emmett, however, acted as if he didn't notice a thing.  He was his usual self, talking about classes and what a nimrod his English teacher was.
I was hardly paying attention though at this point.  All day, all I could think about was the walk that lay ahead after school with Jacob.  What would I say and how would I say it?  I didn't want to sound childish; I wanted to sound like a woman.  When the last bell for classes sounded, I had jumped r
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Renesmee and Jacob 2
"I love you, Nessie.  I always have I just didn't know how to say it."  Jacob held my hands in his, his big, dark eyes staring into mine.  Love and adoration shining brightly in his eyes, caressing every part of me.  I didn't know what to say.  I had wished for him to say this to me for the longest time and now he had.  He lifted his hand and put it next to my cheek, lightly stroking it.  It made me shiver.  No one had ever touched me like that before, least of all Jacob.  His head leaned closer to mine, his eyes now shifted on my lips.  My gaze shifted towards his.  I had also never been kissed before.  We leaned ever closer to each other, our lips now millimeters away.  It would be wonderful, I could almost fell his lips on mine.  The only thing ruining this moment was the telephone ringing.  Why wasn't anyone answering it?  T
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Renesmee and Jacob 1
I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.  I wanted to touch his face and feel the silky smooth russet skin.  I wanted to run my hands through his short black hair and pull his head towards mine.  I wanted to run my hands all over his chest and arms.  Most of all, I wanted to kiss him until I could no longer breathe, until my legs felt like jello.  I heard a chuckle behind me that unmistakably was my Uncle Emmett.  I turned and glared at him, but knew that would do nothing to stop him from laughing at me.  No one knew about how I felt about Jacob except for my Uncle Emmett and that was only because he caught me watching Jake one time and never let me forget it.  I got up from the floor and started to walk towards the stairs when my mother called me.
I turned back towards the family room where all of my family was.  Dad was playing the piano like always, playing a very lovely t
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Another Cullenized Commission :iconsiu5489:siu5489 0 0 Cullen Commission :iconsiu5489:siu5489 2 2 Quiet Love :iconsiu5489:siu5489 21 5
So Tired
My head aches and pounds
Behind my eyes
Pain, emotional pain, too much to bare
Making my hands shake and tremor
Thoughts, horrible thoughts, worming it's way
To my brain, to every fiber of my being
How can I quiet these thoughts
Stop them so I am not so tired anymore
No longer blaming myself
For something I had no control over
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Passing by you
Nameless faces
Each with inner struggles
That none can comprehend
Can you blame them for not paying attention
To your face, your own inner struggles
They don't see
Because to them, you are just another body
In a sea of nameless faces
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Life looks hopeful
In the morning light
Squeezing through cracks
Trying to make it
But by the end of the day
It gives up
And retreats into the darkness
To try again another day
When life again looks hopeful
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Two-Sided :iconsiu5489:siu5489 10 3 Cullenize Commission :iconsiu5489:siu5489 0 3 True Love Screenshot :iconsiu5489:siu5489 0 0

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La tua cantante
Artist | Digital Art
United States
Current Residence: St. Louis, MO
Print preference: Nothing so far
Favourite genre of music: EVERYTHING!!
Favourite photographer: ME!!!
Favourite style of art: EVERYTHING
Operating System: Finally a Macbook!!!! Love, love, love it!!!
MP3 player of choice: An iPod touch. That's right, I upgraded!!
Wallpaper of choice: Created by me!
Skin of choice: My own, thank you
Favourite cartoon character: Stewie off of Family Guy
Personal Quote: Don't wait till tomorrow because tomorrow many never come
Ok so I am having a crisis here.  Well, not really, but I need some advice here people!!  Should I transfer Universities, again, just because I want to try and do something on my own, just to see if I can do it??  I have about a year, year and half at least and I don't know if I should be even thinking of transferring again.  It would be cool, trying to go somewhere completely new and see if I can make it on my own.  It would be the first time I would be on my own, without my mother or grandmother living within 30 miles of me.  I am thinking of two places.  One is MSU in Springfield, MO, my adopted hometown.  Wasn't born there, but sometimes I miss it so much it hurts and then sometimes I think I'm stupid because I just as many bad memories there as good ones.  Then there is UNT.  North Texas University in Denton, Texas.  It's like 30 - 40 miles from Dallas, Texas and Plano, Texas.  Those are the two I am thinking of.  Like I said, they are pretty far from where I am now and from where my family is.  I love my family to death and me and my mother have this special bond thing, like sisters and I don't know if I can be that far away from her sometimes.  She actually cries when I mention leaving her.  We only have each other.  I mean we have my geeg, but not really.  I really want to get away from my fathers side of the family, like far away.  But then I think I am just being stupid thinking of that cause even if I move, that stuff is still going to be with me and bother me.  So, what I wanted to ask was, what do you guys think??  What are your opinions??  I really don't think community college should count in transfers cause that's kind of a given, don't ya think??  I spent two years at Community College, then one semester at McKendree which was a huge mistake, and then this will be my 3rd semester at UMSL after Spring semester.  Any suggestions would be helpful!!  Thanks for listening!!
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